Let your products stand out in-store and on the shelf through beautiful labels. Bold, bright, and vibrant label printing catches your customer’s attention against the competition. It also provides the information they need to choose your product among the rest.

With BLAZR, you can print labels for all kinds of products and occasions. Labels can be applied on practically any surface so they can be used on wine and water bottles, jars, cans, boxes, or personal items like laptops, helmets, clothing (as name labels), and more.



We offer two label types: cut-to-size labels and roll labels.

  • Cut-to-size labels are easier to distribute and share. They’re great storefront pieces for customers to take.  We like to refer to these are promotional items or giveaways.
  • Roll labels are better for product packaging. Stickers on a roll are easier to peel off from the paper.

Have a specific size and shape in mind for your label designs? A wide range of sizes are available for roll and cut-to-size labels, depending on the shape you choose.

Both cut-to-size and roll labels also feature a custom size option where you can set the size yourself. No need to rely on the standard sizes available.

Print your labels on materials that will endure indoor or outdoor elements. Here’s how to distinguish the options available:

Indoor-Friendly Labels

  • 2mil. label high-gloss (UV) lasts indoors and protects your design from UV light. It comes in an extra-vibrant shine that brings out the depth of your design.
  • 2 mil. white vinyl high-gloss (UV) is perfect for indoor and outdoor use. It’s also waterproof and UV resistant, protecting your design from tougher elements.

Outdoor-Friendly, Waterproof Labels

The following options can withstand being submerged in water without losing adhesion:

  • BOPP labels come in white, clear, and silver colors. It is recommended for items that will be exposed to oil, water, moisture or refrigeration.
  • Textured estate materials are made of an uncoated white adhesive paper normally used on wine bottles. You can add matte coating to make it moisture resistant.
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Free Photoshoot With ALL Print Orders,
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